The Sicilian Veil of Shame - Book Cover

Endless Incarnation Sorrows

Endless Incarnation Sorrows - Book Cover

A saga chronicling insights from past lives that resurface in the present day and impact prevailing patterns

Based on true events: After the hospital staff resuscitated author Lucia Mann forthe third time following a third surgery, she began to perceive and recognizea string of intimate memories of people and places from long ago. Although shewas unable to control the arrival of these vivid flashbacks, she recognized theirconnection to her current life. Often paralyzed with fear from echoes and visionsof the past, Lucia eventually took pen to paper to make her peace with yesteryear.

As Lucia Mann constructs spellbinding memorials to past times, she threadscertain themes throughout, such as the imprinted physical marks that symbolizedunsanctioned deeds dating back to the author’s first imprint on Earth, and a loveso deep and full that it survived captivity, depravity, and more until it eventuallyachieved perfect purity.

Mann’s tale is told through a panoply of fascinating characters:
• LALA, who suffers enslavement in a hostile desert because of her mother’soriginal sin.
• LYVEVA, who braves abduction by Danish Vikings and ultimately emergesas a respected healer.
• LUCJA, who tells her tale of barbarity and degeneracy within the electrifiedperimeter fences of Auschwitz.

This multigenerational tale will trigger you to ponder the elements of your lifethat you are puzzled by or take for granted. Is there an ancient explanation to acertain act, or characteristic, or mark? Mann invites you to contemplate the conceptof reincarnation and to consider how it may be affecting your own epic journey.

Endless Incarnation Sorrows is a sequel to Lucia Mann's previous book, Addicted to Hate, which chronicles the author’s experience with parent/elder abuse.

Pages: 332
ISBN: 978-0997567700
Format: 6" x 9" Trade Paper