The Sicilian Veil of Shame - Book Cover

Addicted to Hate

Addicted to Hate - Book CoverMaddie's story raises the time-honored question of nature vs. nurture

Parents abused by adult children suffer silently, shamed to the marrow by words, moods, acts, and blows that pierce through their imagined bubble of safety and kidnap any notions they had of sharing a mutually loving relationship with their children.

"Parent abuse can take on many different forms, from physical, emotional, and verbal, to financial abuse."
—Lou Purplefairy

Maddie loved her daughters unconditionally . . . until, as a financially depleted and physically bruised senior citizen, she was forced to cut ties permanently with her adult descendants. Maddie's cruel and dysfunctional upbringing prompted her to smother her children with love, to soften the blows of life, even when consequences would have been a healthier, more effective choice.
• Were Maddie's children tailored from the fabric of her soft heart to abuse and take advantage of their mother, despite her enduring passion to love and support them . . . regardless of the consequences?
• Or were they impelled to abuse their mother because of biochemical disorders and volatile eruptions in their neural centers?

Perhaps Maddie's children were born out of a fragile fusion of the two. In this book you will feel Maddie's turmoil as her callous children—who do all they can to hold power over her bottomless well of love—develop into brutal adults, and you will applaud her courage when she finally pushes shame aside and reaches her climactic end point.

Pages: 328
ISBN: 978-09975677-2-4
Format: 6" x 9" Trade Paper