So Many Governments—So Much Shame

20.9 Million Human Trafficking Victims―an Abomination In my experience, innocent victims of slavery’s depravity—once bright lights who, by no fault of their own, have inhabited the deepest depths of darkness—tend to settle into one of three groupings after they are, at last, unbound and emancipated: those seething with an anger that threatens daily to boil […]

The Obscenity of Misdiagnosis in the 21st Century

An Ugly Dose of Reality FACT: “The failure to diagnose a medical condition is one of the most common types of misdiagnosis. FACT: Misdiagnosis–mistakes by medical practitioners–is common, error rates up to 40% and more… FACT: 9 of 3794 autopsies revealed the undiagnosed spinal-cord infarction mortality rate of 25%. FACT: I was medically robbed of […]

The Obscenity of Pedophiles – “Ungodly Humans”

“Under the Bondage of Shame and Fear – The Stockholm Syndrome.” (The Stockholm Syndrome is the emotional bonding of the victim with the child offender) Fact: Child Pedophilia is epidemic. According to Dr. Herbert Wagemaker, a renowned psychiatrist, pedophilia appears to run in families. Statistics show that boys who suffered molestation often grow up and […]

The Obscenity of Incest – The Dark Hidden World of Child Sexual Molestation

“Papa, why did you murder me?” Fact: According to the American National Center for Victims of Crime, research indicated that 46% of children who are raped are victims of family members (Langan and Harlow, 1994). The majority of rape victims (61%) are raped before the age of 18; furthermore, 29% of all forcible rapes occurred […]

The Obscenity of Infant Abandonment

“Mama, why didn’t you love me”? I didn’t realize that I had unresolved, abandonment issues until my husband woke me from a deep sleep: “Honey, are you okay? You were shouting, ‘Mama! Mama! Why didn’t you love me?” He cradled me in his arms while I shook uncontrollably. Then I cried my heart out for […]