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The Obscenity of Pedophiles – “Ungodly Humans”

pedifile“Under the Bondage of Shame and Fear – The Stockholm Syndrome.”

(The Stockholm Syndrome is the emotional bonding of the victim with the child offender) Fact: Child Pedophilia is epidemic. According to Dr. Herbert Wagemaker, a renowned psychiatrist, pedophilia appears to run in families. Statistics show that boys who suffered molestation often grow up and commit the same type of crime.

Fact: 4% of today’s population suffers from sexual orientation focused on children. In 1999, there were a staggering 93,000 children who were sexually abused. Out of those 93,000 cases, half of them were committed by the parents of the abused children and the other 18% were relative.

Fact: Children don’t think like adults.

Fact: A child molester targets children so that they can better understand their vulnerabilities: shyness, and other emotional disabilities, and act on them.

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As a victim, a survivor of pedophilia, I was sick to my stomach when I heard about the sexual violation of innocent children – the Penn State, Sandusky allegations that are being highlighted – exposed – across TV screens. To say that I was livid is an understatement. Is there ever going to be an end to the evil debauchery? I’m up on my hind legs ready for battle. Sandusky’s and other depraved pedophiles don’t have a bulls-eye on their foreheads.

They come in all walks of life. They can be educated, non-educated, rich or poor, young or old, strangers, relatives, a pastor, Boy Scout leader, coach, school – gym teacher, and even mum’s boyfriend, who will cunningly work at building a relationship with the child. And so, it becomes an obsession for the pedophile to be around children. Once this evil connection is established, it becomes much easier to abuse the child. However, the most sickening of this debauched crime
is that the child predator often refuses to take responsibility for his actions. Denial is the biggest insult to any victim, not to mention the traumatisation of his child victims for the rest of their lives.

“I horsed around with kids in the shower. I touched their legs,” Sandusky stated.
Are you kidding me!
And he is out in public!
Are you kidding me!

Trying to rationalize his pedophilia behavior after “grooming” targeting vulnerable innocent children is beyond evil. Sandusky had to have had a “thrill” out of violating the trust of these children with no one to stop him. However, I have to ask: If he had been caught with a young girl would there have been an “end” to his sick behavior that spans God knows how many years? Of course, but because it was a boy, these crimes, in my opinion, resulted in a “turn-a-blind-eye” – a denial by those around Sandusky that boys not girls were his sick fantasy.

Where was the moral decency, conscionable obligation of the folks who horse blinders?

The true crime here is: that no one did anything, until it was too late. And what is their punishment: retirement!
Are you kidding me!

How on Earth can these “men of character” who chose to do nothing while children were being violated by Sandusky sleep at night? They are, to say the least, soulless. Oh, I’m sure if the victim had been a family member of the “See No Evil – Speak No Evil – Hear No Evil” men around Sandusky, he would have been caught sooner, behind bars, and the many lives he has “murdered,” would have their childhoods, their innocence intact.

It’s the scum of the earth people like Sandusky that children will forever be sought out then emotionally damaged, scarred for the rest of their lives. Most victims, like myself, have the courage to move on, many don’t. What could these children have been, if evil had not come calling in the ungodly human form of pedophiles, the Sanduskys’ of this world?

As a parent, I was always vigilant. I made it my business to “know” the person who was taking an interest in my child’s life. I used parental control and kept computers in an area like my kitchen table that I could monitor. I became Internet (a haven for predators) savvy. I learned the Lingo used by perverts to attract kids.
I checked sex offender lists. If a pervert lived nearby – too close for comfort – I sneakily snapped a photo, showed it to your child: “Mama wants you to be safe because I love you and wouldn’t want anything bad to happen to you. So, look at this photo. If this man comes near you, run to mama, and tell me.”

My advice: From a very early age, teach your child what inappropriate touching is. Use a doll, a picture, anything that comes to mind that will help the child to learn about their “sacred” bodies.

I found a great website: www.childprotection.lifetips.com – print and put on the fridge, a daily reminder to keep your children safe. Sadly, there is no “delicate” way to warn children about the evil that exists all around them. Please be vigilant and don’t let the precious carriers of your bloodline fall prey to mankind’s evil like I did.

Saying that: God forbid your child is violated teach them how to rise above hate and anger: “I am not a victim. I am a proud survivor.”