The Sicilian Veil of Shame - Book Cover

Africa's Unfinished Symphony

Africa's Unfinished Symphony - Book CoverA Witch Doctor's Power and His Ancient Tribal Ways Cruelly Collide with the Force and Authority of Modern Africa.

While the tale of South Africa in the wake of World War II is riveting, violent, and cruel, it also is brimming with stories of kindness, compassion, and courage. Africa's Unfinished Symphony highlights commanding characters who not only bring haunting racial clashes to life but also convey the intense conflicts that existed between archaic customs and modern influences.

You will be captivated as you follow the convoluted path of Farida of the ancients battling to become Bertha of the modern world. But are the outcomes of her struggles the best results for her and her beloved Africa?

This book will immerse you in historic African themes that will jolt you out of complacency and into compassion.

Pages: 190
ISBN: 978-09794805-6-0
Format: 6" x 9" Trade Paper