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The Obscenity of One Human Owning Another



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 “Anyone who thinks that slavery died when America abolished it in the 1800s has a shock coming to them,” says author Lucia Mann.

 “There is nowhere in the world now where slavery is legal, and yet more than 27 million people are held captive as forced labourers or sex slaves,” Mann says. “That’s more than twice the number enslaved during 400 years of trans-Atlantic trading.”

 Lucia Mann is Sicilian-bred, born in British Colonial South Africa in the wake of World War Two, now lives in Fauquier, British Columbia, Canada.

Lucia Mann is an activist against human trafficking and slavery. Her mission is intensely personal, especially since learning her birth mother was a sex slave and she, herself, experienced a similar fate when she was young.

Lucia Mann is also Founder the of The Modern Slavery Reporting Centre at www.mdsrc.org.

Novelist Lucia Mann is an inspirational writer and social activist. Her books and writings are recognized internationally, and she is well known as one of the leading advocates for the abolition of human trafficking and slavery.

Her books and writings are relevant and often shocking, but they shine an important light on this ongoing worldwide crisis.

To find out more about Lucia’s books, which include Beside An Ocean of Sorrow, Rented Silenceand the newly released Africa’s Unfinished Symphony, visit Lucia’s online store.


Congratulations to Author Lucia Mann with her Nomination by the Kootenay Library Federation! Visit Kootenay Library Federation online at www.obok.ca

 Lucia Mann - 2011 Bronze Award Winner of CBC Book Awards

In 2011, Lucia Mann was given the Bronze Award by “Character Building Counts Book Awards,” in recognition of raising awareness of human trafficking, through her many writings and publications.

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